Asus QM1

06 May 2021

Asus QM1 is a tiny computer a.k.a. "compute stick". It's not very fast but it can do less intesive tasks like playing music or displaying slideshows.


One of the weirdest I've ever seen. It only supports UEFI boot.

Press `ESC` to enter


Booting from USB

After connecting usb hub to the stick you will be able to boot from pendrive. Downside of this tiny PC is small support. From my research I know that USB stick needs to be in exFAT filesystem and must be EUFI comptible (contain `/efi/boot/*.efi`). And of course only 32-bit systems are supported. This is the only setup that worked.

To boot from USB select the device from Boot Manager menu.

Power consumption

It consumes little over 3W on idle, and during stress test it was running on 6.5W.